(Garment Manufacturing Unit)


Name of the factory (Manufacturing Unit)


Key Contact person for correspondence

Name and Designation

Phone no

Email id


Type of ownership (Public Ltd., private ltd., proprietor/partnership firm etc.)
CEO / Executive Director/ Proprietor/ Chief Functionary
(Name, designation, email id and phone number)
Year of Establishment
Key buyers/brands (mention the names)
Do they have any registration number? Please mention registration number with type of registration number?
Member of AEPC (pls mention the date since when)? Or any other Apparel/textile network (pls mention the date)?
Does your company fall under section 135 schedule VII of Companies Act 2013 (CSR)- if yes then mention activities and CSR spend in the last two financial years (FY2016-2017 and FY 2017-2018)
Is there any Anti Sexual harassment at work place policy (Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace- POSH Act 2013)? When it was drafted?
Do you have instituted an Internal Committee (IC) in this factory unit
Do you have trainings on POSH Act 2013
Number of employee and contract staff as on 31 st Dec 2018

Level-wise data (disaggregated based on gender) as on date
Women Men Transgender Total
a. CEO/Factory head
b. Senior Management
c. Middle/ Junior Management
d. Supervisors
e. Quality checker in-charge
f. Workers-Permanent
g. Workers-Contractual
h. Workers- Casual
Do you have any systematic programme on Gender equality and prevention of sexual harassment at workplace (POSH) during FY 2017-2018
Is your factory unit interested to take up a systematic programme on Gender equality and prevention of sexual harassment at workplace (POSH), pls. specify why
If not interested, pls. mention why/comment
Any additional Information you would like to share with us

For more details and any query kindly write to :

1. HR executives, Industrial Engineer, Floor Incharge, Housekeeping incharge, Packaging and Washing incharge

2. Full time on the rolls of the company

3. Not on the rolls without the benefits of PF/ESI, piece rate work or seasonal job work