Fact Sheet

  • The largest producer of jute.
  • The largest producer of cotton yarn.
  • The second largest producer of cellulosic fiber/ yarn.
  • The second largest producer of silk.
  • The third largest producer of raw cotton.
  • The 4th largest producer of synthetic fiber/yarn.

Combine these natural advantages with the assets that India and the garment industry together have built over the last few decades:

  • A strong and committed entrepreneurial class.
  • Highly personalized quality control.
  • Deadline oriented.
  • Flexibility in production of small order lots.
  • Presence of integrated companies and unbeatable logistics.
  • Friendly export policies.
  • Ability to handle a host of value additions like embellishments.
  • A highly skilled workforce at competitive wages.
  • Amazing technological advantages.
  • Superior design capabilities.
  • Competitive Pricing.

Extremely good political and cultural connections with importing countries. A robust domestic market that adds to the industry expertise and above all, a WINNING ATTITUDE.